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Me & Latia
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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Drew's 30 Day Fitness Challenge

Friday, November 16, 2012

Realizing Your Fitness Goals!

 Here's To Your Fitness Goals!

Are you frustrated with your metabolism because you may feel it's slower than it should be or not as fast as it once was? Do you find your storing fat easier now, even though you're not eating any differently, or worse,  maybe eating even less?

I truly understand you're frustration. We've all been there, myself included. Even I have gotten lazy due to depression or low times in my life.

The multi-billion dollar diet and fitness industry has been shoveling garbage at you for years. Their empty irresponsible promises have left you disappointed, tired, and simply fed up.

The knowledge Latia and I have come to possess will empower you to help change your fitness level and life, as our goal is to help you reach a fitness level that your genetics will allow.

What you eat is the most important factor in aiding you to strip off energy robbing fat, even if you have poor genetics, a thyroid condition, big bones (endomorph), or depression. However, the trick is what foods to ingest, the right amounts, at the right times.

You're probably thinking right now, well Drew, you just don't know about my struggle with weight loss. Of course I don't. How could I? Well I'm here to tell you all right now, you will notice results! Just keep reading...

Here are a couple of secrets most do not know of...

Eating for your age...We all know that a younger body is more likely to use carbohydrates as a powerful fat loss and lean muscle building weapon as a younger body often utilizes them much more effectively. As one ages, your body's ability to utilize these same carbs lessens, and the more likely they will be stored as fat unless they're consumed at specific times during each day. A younger body also needs less calories from protein, because a younger body is more sensitive to proteins' fat loss and lean muscle building benefits.

So you should gradually reduce the amount of carbs you eat and raise the amount of protein and healthy fats you eat to take the place of those calories. Doing this will help increase your fat burning metabolism while curbing hunger and keeping you more satisfied during the day, with increased energy.

Eat for your body type...different body types react differently to various nutrients. Now, you've all heard of the 3 main body types, (ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph). What you may not have heard of yet is all the other body types science has identified recently, and how they all respond to nutrients differently. Understanding what your actual body type is, (other than the main 3 mentioned above), is crucial to know what to eat, when to eat it, and how much to eat in order to burn fat.

This is why all those advertised  generic diets out there may work for some people, and not others. Most never really work for the duration anyway, as most people revert to where they were before starting their diets or even gain more weight! Sound like something you experienced? Of course, because it's all outdated science!

Some examples why generic diets don't work...

Carbs react differently within all the different body types. There are those who say carbs are good, and those that say carbs are bad. It's what's good for YOU!

For certain body types, carbs can excel fat loss results when used properly. With other body types, they can simply kill your fat loss. Carbs provide us all with energy, but also promote the release of the hormone insulin.

Certain body types release more insulin than others in response to carb intake. Certain body types have more fat cells than others, and certain body types are more likely to store fat when insulin is released than others.

Certain body types cannot burn calories from certain foods efficiently because of a blunted heat response these body types have to these foods.

One last example is that they sacrifice muscle, slowing down the metabolism.The more lean muscle we carry, the more fat we burn.

You see, those fitness gurus, and celebrities who you all see on T.V. have never used a generic diet. It's always been custom tailored to their body types! They pay a minimum of $5000.00 to nutritional specialists for their results. No joke! If you think otherwise, I've got a nice long bridge for sale connecting New Jersey to Manhattan up for sale...

My company, Attitude Equals Performance is all about fitness. As the V.P., I'm proud to have partnered with one of the IFBB's Top Female Athletes, Latia Del Riviero. We've been training others for decades, with fantastic results. We offer our cutting edge training and dieting techniques to those who demand results, and they always get outstanding results.These are maintainable results that last year long, for a lifetime.

For those interested, we will custom tailor each individual to their own body types and metabolisms, delivering a unique training and diet package that caters to that individual for optimum results. We have a combined 60+ years in the fitness industry, and our knowledge is very extensive. Believe it or not, we can just take a look at one's picture and be able to calculate what they're going to need in terms of attaining the physique of their dreams. Bold statement? Put us to the test, I challenge you to do so...

Please feel free to email either myself at or Latia at should you care to get started. We'll take it from there.

May you realize your fitness goals,

All the best,

Andrew C.

Friday, November 2, 2012

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