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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What Causes Aging?

Some of the known causes of aging are a complex interaction of environmental, dietary and internal changes.
Many people think the answer to fighting aging is to spend hundreds, or thousands of dollars on expensive anti-aging creams and potions, injections of toxic substances and fillers, or going under the surgeon’s knife. While this may seem to be the best ‘fix’ it actually is not.
You can actually stop and prevent much of your body’s aging by making changes in your diet. And, the best thing is, changing your diet not only changes the way the world sees you, but it makes a very definite change in how you FEEL inside!
Suddenly you have tons of energy again, you are leaner, stronger, faster, more alert, and your moods are better. Your sex drive returns. Your sleep is better. Your joints hurt less or not at all. You look great. Your skin is softer and smoother. Your outlook on life will totally change when you realize you do not have to give in to aging and the chronic disease that comes with it.
You really don’t need expensive, fancy skin creams or plastic surgery; you can start
making the changes today that will have a long term effect on how you look and feel tomorrow.
While you may not always have control over your environment, you do have a large amount of control over your diet, which in turn battles those things that accelerate and cause aging: Inflammation, Advanced Glycation End products (AGE’s) and oxidation that go hand in hand to accelerate aging and bring on chronic disease.
These things occur within your cells and organs, (including your brain) and lead to the outward signs of aging like wrinkles and excess body fat, but also the less obvious (but more destructive) damage internally--to your bones, muscles, organs, brain and nerves.
How much damage, or how little damage occurs, in a large sense, depends on your diet. What you eat on a day-to-day basis can either hasten or slow down aging, and in turn, the chronic diseases that often accompany aging as well.
Have you ever noticed how some people don’t look anywhere close to their actual age, while others look much older? Why is this? It’s not JUST genetics.
So much of aging is your DIET. The food you eat can be either destructive or constructive and make your body either older or younger.
The answer to aging gracefully and remaining healthy, lean, strong, and disease free is in eating the right foods. Eating a wide variety of REAL, natural foods rich in antioxidants, low in sugar and starches, and plenty of the right types of fats will make a HUGE difference in how you look and feel. It will make the difference between looking old before your time or looking way younger than your age.
Many of the signs of aging are actually the beginnings of chronic disease that we don’t have to accept as inevitable. The wrinkles, weight gain, memory loss, loss of physical strength, loss of sex drive, inability to sleep, fatigue and bone loss are not things we have to accept as part of the normal progression of aging. And diseases like heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer, arthritis, and diabetes don’t have to be part of aging either.
Many older adults are active, fit, strong, lean, athletic, productive people in great health. You can be this way too! The sooner you start with some positive dietary changes, the sooner and the better you can fight and reverse the signs of aging and disease.

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